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Thoughts on running "custom"

I'm wanting y'all's thoughts on "customizing" your truck. I mean Lifts, bumpers, winches, fender flares, wheels, big tires, etc. Do you think they help or hurt you on sales and marketing. To be specific.
I sell for my company. I drive a 2012 Toyota Tundra. Lets say I wanted to do a leveling kit. Fancy wheels, mud tires, front and rear bumpers not gauty big massive bumpers but winch bumpers, Fender flares etc.
would you fill it looks immature and unprofessional and you wouldn't hire me
You would feel he has a very nice truck made for work that has been adapted to his job. Whether it is or not.
I know people would remember the truck but would it be good or bad.

Few Other notes are all my trucks are fully decaled with our company's name number and logo and all the same color. My guys wear uniforms and Our formens wear collard shirts and Kakis. So it's not joe blow with cut offs and holy pants in this truck or our others.
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