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Originally Posted by TLS View Post

So you somehow think switching to rigid forks and flat free caster tires is going to help? Personally I wouldn't waste the energy. But then, maybe they are what's giving you the whiplash?

If you do go rigid, you'd need to get air filled front tires. Set them at 8psi and your golden!

A front weight kit is going to make pointing down a hill a dangerous situation. If anything, you should add a little weight to the back as you removed the ROPS I believe. However heavy that is, may be affecting things? On my demos , I had to leave it on and folded. If I bought one it would be removed. I remember the ROPS on my old JD was over 100 lbs!
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I swapped to rigid forks yest, was only able to cut 1 lawn, still seemed rough but if anything not as bad, mosty definately not a rougher ride..? Just havnt had a chance to give it a decent go, been so busy with other jobs. Plus raining. Will hopefully be able to get another go on it on weekend before I change forks back to flex ready for the hustler rep on monday morning.

Maybe as you suggest, air tyres and rigid forks and I might be ok.

I did take the ROPS off, do you really think removing these would cause a rougher ride? (Mick is runing his without, his is ok), the weight from those rops i think are almost directly over the rear wheels, rather than towards the back end. In a way its a hazard for me to use zero turn with rops, I have been going along at speed in past on an older mower and misjudged a tree branch height, that wasnt a good experience however luckily wasnt too serious.
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