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Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
A 72 will not have a faster blade tip speed than a 60 if all things are equal. I've repeated this to you many times. A 72s blade is about 2 inches longer on each end than a 60s blades. Therefore it must treble further to make one rotation. Let me give you the simplest example I can. Two race cars are running exactly the same speed at Daytona one car(60) is hugging the inside line, the other (72) is running next to the wall. Which one will finish their lap first? Ding ding ding the 60 will because its total distance is a little shorter than the distance the 72 covers.
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Your a simple simon ,we need to get you enrolled in the physics class as well, the spindle pulleys on the deck make the same degree of rotation in the same time weather it is a 60 or a 72 all things being equal but the longer blade of the 72 covers more distance in that time making it have a faster tip speed. your analogy is flawed, Mr. Spock would find gaping defects in your logic.
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