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I did proceed with the quasi overseed on job #1. The lawn in question is watered too often like daily and the client is not easily educated on proper turf care...just like 70% of the home owners here in the land.of.turf.grass.research. His also s lawn has too much thatch?? of fast release TG or other big application Co. Weed.and.feed combos plus.over irrigation.

What I did is a 2 pass fairly.aggressive spring tine power rake to.mainly scrap down to.the crowns and loosen up some.debris. After that I did.a triple plugr 850 pass which would require 6+ passes with a rolling tine.unit dry.out 2 days... cranked out client supplied seed...did a very.dirty and.gritty plug.break up low mow. Also cranked.out 16-16-16 fert....Then split.
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