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Originally Posted by DavidsonLandscaping View Post
Dependable, I thought here in mass you cannot receive unemployment if you are let go before your 90 day probation? How could he receive it?
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Originally Posted by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING View Post
Great question! Ask our politicians and state workers why it easier to grant benefits rather than investigate cases. I have been told that it is because they are understaffed for the deluge ofvunemployment cases that they receive. Also not that I am a conspiracy theorist at all but ...... When my unemployment pay in percentage is raised that is more monies to the state coffers. Yes there is a cap and I assume the state wants all employers to be paying it!
It is frustrating.
I believe the 90 days in MA is not 90 days with one company, but you need a total of 90 days of un-interupted employment, and your unemployment rate is based off of the average pay over those 90 days. Here's how my accountant explained it to me. I hire a guy at $16 an hour, he left his previous job to come work for me, the previous job paid him $10 an hour. After a month I lay him off and he files for UI. The claim would go against me, and his rate would be based off his average weekly pay over the last 90days. So in the example I gave, the UI would be based off of him being paid $12 an hour (1 month @ $16, 2 months @ $10).
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