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Originally Posted by bwanderson79 View Post
I'm buying a new trimmer soon. Currently running an Echo SRM 3100 that has power to spare. Asked my dealer what compares in the current Echo/Shindy product line and he pointed me to the T282. I'd like some thoughts from those LCOs who run Shindy trimmers. What are the pros and cons? Any input will be helpful. Thanks!
Give the Redmax 2350S a try. Our Co. has used Shindy's for years until they merged with Echo and started tweaking their carbs too much. Then we gave Redmax a chance and have never looked back. Very light and plenty of power. No more starting problems and haven't had any of them brake after 3 years of use so far. We are currently testing their EBZ 8500 Blower now and are pretty impressed. I still like the old 802 from Shindy but we had a few of their 854 Hybrid Blowers that were junk after a season or two.
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