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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
To everyone that says buy commercial there are only two companies putting out 26" not 30 inch machines. I bought just 1 Timemaster and I did not abuse it but I too have not sharpened the blades since I bought it new in June. I keep looking expecting to have knicks and there aren't any. Very hard blades. I too have had a great experience way better than expected.

Mine has a little over 100 hrs as I don't like walk behinds and use my ZTRs everywhere I can. I mulched all but 2 weeks this summer and it saved me a ton of time. No way will I carry anything else smaller than 30 inches. If they make a commercial version I'll never need one for no more than I use walk behinds. This one will last several more years easy.
Both exmark and toro have new 30" commercial versions. I took pictures and posted in this thread.

They cost less than half of the residential version so the OP would have already saved money and got many years of service.
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