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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
The best part is that a lot of these guys collecting unemployment are cutting grass on the side! Customers hire them because they feel sorry for them having lost their jobs.
I took over 3 of my customers a few years ago from a guy who did this. He gave the sob story that he was laid off from his job and had been out of work for almost two years (uh yeah... because he's a lazy scumbag SOB). One month, He decided to add an extra "1" to the front of the number the customer put on the check, then tried to cash it. The bank called her and told her. She then called him and tore him a new *******. She didn't press charges though. Another one of the customers he was servicing was an old woman a couple houses down who couldn't drive anymore and she decided to give him her old late 80's volvo that had been sitting and needed some work in exchange for mowing her lawn. He stopped showing up after he got the volvo running. Total scumbag. Not to mention he was a total hack and left the lawns looking awful. 3 years later, I'm still maintaining 2 of those 3 lawns (the one he tried to defraud moved) and their lawns look great.
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