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experienced ford 6.0 guys - looking at 2004 550 dump

I want to buy a 550 dump truck. 2004 -97k miles - 11' fold down rugby dump - no smoke on start up(watched the mirror when cranking it up cold), but i took it around the block, got up to about 40mph, edge insight was reading approx 189 190 on eot and ect, everything was great til I got back to the yard and was talking to the owner while the truck was still running. there was a little white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when it was warmed up. The owner isn't knowledgeable on the 6.0s but suggested it was because the truck has been sitting for months.

Carfax and Oasis say that it had the tank, injectors, and pump done at 40k miles due to the lining of the chassis cab trucks coming loose and clogging everything. warranty ended at 50 k so from then til 97k there is nothing listed but safe to say not much else was done. all fluids and filters recently done.

I spoke to 1 diesel mechanic and he said it could be dirty EGR, cracked EGR, or head gaskets. the first two I will buy the truck in a heartbeat ($14k) and do an egr delete and coolant filter but if its heads I dont want to get involved unless its free or damn close to it.

another mechanic said to look for bubbles in the degas bottle while running.

the truck pulls hard, sounds great, and isn't throwing any codes.
unfortunately I can't get on the highway and wind it out to really read the ect eot since it isn't registered or insured, maybe if I show up with the cash he will let me?

just need a starting point to determine if its the heads or the egr. maybe I'm thinking too far into it but I know the 6.0s can be great trucks if they don't blow up and bankrupt you

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