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Originally Posted by yardworkswi View Post
Hallucinate much? Obama did make promises that he did not keep but have you ever known a politician that hasn't?
There are a lot of politicians who don't just outright lie to get votes. And thinking that because they all do it, we should just forgive that is WRONG. Absolutely wrong. If a candidate blatently lies to get into office and then never does anything to move toward the promises he or she made, we need to throw them out - every time! Until they get the message! No matter what party they are from.

Now, the gray area is that a candidate may INTEND to do some things, but isn't able to do them because of blow-back from congress, from the military leaders, etc. That's totally understandable. But there's a difference between thinking you'll be able to accomplish some things and then getting into office and realizing it's not totally possible and KNOWING you're not ever going to be able to live up to some promises, and making them anyway.

Obama said he'd have the most transparent Presidency ever. What a joke! He's hidden everything he could! We never got to see Obamacare until just two or three days before the damn thing passed! Congress requests to see documents related to Fast & Furious, and rather than being "transparent" and releasing them - he uses a Presidential order to totally sequester them. For why? It wasn't like congress was going to look at them and release sensitive national security matters to the general public. There was no threat in releasing those documents unless he had something to hide. He's done stuff like this time and time again. Always dodging questions, investigations, etc. It has been anything but transparent.

He said he'd work with leaders in both parties to move forward legislation that they would all agree on. That never happened! He never once tried to work with the GOP on issues related to Obamacare. It was his way or the high way and he knew that he could just ram-rod it through. There was nothing bipartisan about that bill or almost any other one he's worked on. Everything he's done has been purely partisan. At least Mitt Romney actually has had to work in a bipartisan way before. We know from past experience that he is capable of doing so. Obama, apparently isn't willing or isn't capable of it. He's ineffective at best!

I could go on forever about promises he made during the first campaign that I knew back then he'd never be able to fulfill. And if this dumb lawn boy knew he'd never be able to do half of those things he promised, you telling me that a Harvard grad didn't know? Of course he did! He just didn't care and figured everyone would be stupid enough to believe him. And he's banking on that again!

I'm sorry. But no matter what party you're from, if you're not effective, you need to go. He hasn't been very effective at even meeting his own expectations and certainly not the rest of our expecations. It's time for a change - AGAIN. And we need to keep changing them out of office - every last one of them - until they start to get the message. The last two presidents and the Legislature (except for the last 18 months) have been spending like drunken sailors just arriving back at port driving us off a financial cliff. Until these guys start taking our money seriously, we gotta send them the message that we won't stand for it and they won't get re-elected. I'm telling you - whatever party you are affiliated with - don't let your politicians continue to do this crap. It's our money! Force them to make sound decisions or force them out! And let's keep doing that until we get a bunch of them who get this message!
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