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Originally Posted by ironchef66 View Post these guys have exactly what you want
This was pretty much what I was thinking of, and I love the hopper! There is nothing worse than having to dump my Walker Mower out into green barrels and then lifting those barrells into the back of my truck. For the amount of lawns I do I think it would be perfect. Than at the end of the night I have my truck more dump insert in the back killing my fuel mileage.
The only thing I don't like about these on the enclosed trailer, is the gate opens to the side. You really have to hope you have that area to the side to unload.

My thought originally was, I have an enclosed trailer, I have an easy dump, I'm pretty good at fabrication, maybe I can make it happen, a nice little winter project! The more I look at the componenets I have the more I keep thinking. I would have to build an all new trailer frame, cut the tounge and axles off of my enclosed, mount it on the new frame and then put the dump insert on the biggest concern was the tounge weight if I were to do this. I don't know, for the amount of lawns I do now, a trailer that is already set up would be such a time saver!
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