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I really don't want to start a full converstaion on the subject, I posted this simply for people who wanted info.

But: We have 22 cuts in our season. I have a minimum of 5 staff, they cut 3 properties per day, and they are doing 9 hour days. So, my math is this: 6 hours of cutting per day X 5 days a week X 22 Weeks = 660 Hours. And we are still cutting past the 22nd cut!

As for sharpening the blades.....everyone has differant types of grass. I am in Sask, Canada, we can not mulch our grass (very well), nor is discharging an option. These mowers are still cutting well.....for our grass.

Ps: I am not new to the industry, I have been doing this for 12 years, and I do know what to look for.

End of my story: I love the weight of these machines, the simplicity, and I love having brand new ones every year. Commercial models....I have Ventrac's, Walker's, and JD quick trac's....i know the benifit of a commercial model anything....and yet I still will be buying the 5 non-commecial model's next year. You can take it for whats its worth.

Everyone can draw a conclusion based on speculation, hype or actual reviews.
some of these and some of those.
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