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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
It's obvious you don't care what the facts are from reading your posts that repeatedly fly in the face of what the manu's say. If you're gonna measure the pulleys, you need to make sure you measure ALL of them. Any change anywhere will alter the outcome of the BTS. Make sure you measure them acccurately too. A tape measure held up against a pulley on an angle is not very accurate.

I already agreed with you in my previous post that all things being exactly equal, the BTS of the 72 would be higher, but it's apparent from their published specs that Hustler did something to change the final BTS of the 72 to be a small bit below that of the 60.
I own a 60 and a 72 Super Z of the same variety, math and physics on this do not lie on this. If both have 30 Hp Kohlers which turn the same RPM and the pulleys are the same the tip speed is higher on the 72 regardless of what Hustler's site say's. People need to sometimes trust their own eyes and common judgement over what others tell them.

That is why America is in this predicament!
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