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Originally Posted by bwanderson79 View Post
Why would anyone assume that Echo partnership with Shindy might bring them down? Echo has an outstanding reputation for reliability, as do several Japanese manufactured products. If anything, echo and shindy would make each other better.

By the way, echo doesn't own shindy. They formed a parent company to share manufacturing processes and technology for economical reasons. Both originate in Japan and remain separate companies under a parent company shared by the two.

I have no problem with Echo's reliability. I'm running an Echo SRM 3100 that's at least fifteen years old. and seen heavy use and abuse. virtually no probilems in that time. I need a replacement because the echo belongs to my father.

any more thoughts on the shindy 282¿
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I didn't mean to say that echo is making shindaiwa worse i love echo I'm just asking for opinions on the echo 280t and the shindaiwa t282
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