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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
Ours is not a commercial unit. We dont do enough to warrant the cost of a commercial aerator. Maybe 15 to 20 every fall. Ours is a 40" JD with 28 spoons. I was worried when I bought it that they would be far apart and I would have to go over everything twice. It actually pokes 3"+ and they are nice and tightly spaced! It is built by brinley to JD specs (more supports and and thicker steel). I bought it at the JD dealer.
The one I mentioned having above is the 48" version of that one. It does a very good job. I like the width, but wish it had less spoons like the actual Brinley/Hardy version does. It leaves too many holes at the headlands where you turn. I'm looking at getting one to use on the 3pt on the back of my CUT to eliminate that problem. I don't do any small yards with mine, so using my CUT wouldn't be a problem.
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