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I know I am new to the site but I have been running mini skids for about 10 years. My personal preferrance is a Dingo or Boxer. Mainly because it is what is most available to my area. Also I am most used to the controls they have.

I think that the biggest issues between all the machines is the controls and guys are used to a certain style. Put me on a Ramrod or Ditchwitch and you will run circles around me. But on a Dingo or Boxer I can run them blind.

I worked for the company that got the first Vermeer unit, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Lets just say we were the test rats for it, it was a diesel wheeled unit that didnt have the power to drive and run power attachments at teh same time. Since I have rented Vermeers and like the controls and power.
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