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Originally Posted by mikesturf View Post
I'm confused. In a different Sumagreen thread, you made several posts saying Sumagreen suppressed disease and you had a one day green up affect. Your posts and others were the reasons why I made 2 purchases of Sumagreen. Why did you go back to your old mix of EDTA Iron, Potassium Nitrate and Urea?

Also when you say, "This works" at the end of your post are you referring to Sumagreen?
Hey Mike,

I had a bit of brown patch in my P Rye lawn and the Sumagreen cleared it up in a week post application....This was MY TEST results 1 week post app.

2 weeks after that ( 3 weeks post app) Foliar Anthracnose HIT hard on the "Test Lawn", then we had Pythium ( I have GREAT soil drainage BTW) and got wiped out.....

I went back to the old mix as it works for me and clients lawns ( no suma green) look great coming out of the heat wave......

The sumagreen needs to have the kinks worked out IMHO so the decomposers will not out compete the good fungal additives.
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