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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
My friend said that Google looks twice a month for new that is why you get nothing when you run your SEO report.
So give me a week or two....then I would like to see my report again.
No offense to your friend, but this is incorrect. I didn't run an SEO report, per se. What I pointed out has nothing to do with SEO results, in the sense that he is using the term, in that they will not change. You can visit that link I posted a thousand times over the next thousand days and you will still see a blank page (unless Wix changes how they generate sites). Ultimately, this does affect SEO, but not in how your friend seems to be interpreting it.

In terms of Google indexing a new site, it's possible to get indexed within an hour and there is no rule of thumb time frame such as two weeks, two days, or two months.
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