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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Rod thanks to your reviews I have my eyes set firmly on a Ground Logic unit when my Mag peters out. Can I ask, how is the spray output on the GL unit? At least as good as a Mag? Better coverage (as tested on cement)?
The way I always put it is...the GL is a PG on steroids.

The major difference is the Spyker hopper...but there are also many other things that we like. It has a pressure guage so one can monitor the spray system. It also steers much easier, is faster and handles awesome. What I like best is that the front shield is totally sealed. You can take the front shield off and there is hardly any fert dust on the inside of the machine.

Our guys love them!!!!!

If you are or was a PG fan then you will love this machine. Its simple and can really cover the ground.

I know we are very happy with them.
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