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Originally Posted by FerrisDiesel View Post
That's exactly what I did this year. I pulled it out the beginning of the week, and added another 2 feet to the top of it. Now I'm just trying to decide if I want swinging out barn doors or one solid one that hinges from the top?
Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
First year of needing a box. Do you guys just frame it up like a house. Put a door on top for dumping in xnd a big door on back for unloading? Tips hints suggestions?
I've always covered my roof with wood.. Never had one fly off just because i brace it so it doesnt just because i KNOW it can happen.

I was debating on whether to do a barn style or a "Gravel style" (One hinge on the top door) and can to the conclusion that im going to stick to the barn door style. This is because with the single door, We wouldnt be able to throw sticks and stuff into the truck unless we lifted the door and all of that "mess!"

The only down side to the tarp on the roof is the HUGE dust cloud you get when the leaves are really dry.

Also Yes i build mine like a house where everything is connected together. This is so that we can hook it up to a crane and just unbolt the 6 bolts and pull the box straight up.

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