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Originally Posted by viper881 View Post
thats a nice looking setup! how do you like the wire brush on the weed whip?
The power broom works wonderful! It's very fast and efficient to clear the sides of the asphalt, or where there is a lot of dust/sand/debris build up. I can easily push 2" of dirt with it, it doesn't spin that fast but it has a lot of torque, we also carry manual brooms and metal bristle brooms that can pretty much remove anything stuck to the asphalt.

Originally Posted by SHAWZER View Post
Great enclosed trailer rig you have there JF Gauvreau, is that an extra sealant storage tank behind your weed whacker broom??
Ya it's a second tank custom built, carries the same amount as the one on the right, main purpose was to balance the weight between the axles. I have roughly 900 liters of sealer with the 2 tanks. The hose that you see in the middle is use to transfer them, open the valve and the gravity does the rest.

Originally Posted by Mdirrigation View Post
Gauvreau , I see you have your trailer placared for hazmat , did you get the insurance for a hazmat carrier ? And your CDL ? Oh I see you are in canada , if you were in the states all of the hazmat and cdl requirements would be needed .
In Canada we only need a TDG license (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) for the driver. You also need to have the MSDS sheet of the sealer in the truck at all times. The flammable stickers need to be there once you reach X amount of gallons, and since I have 2 tanks I need it. If you get caught and you don't have any of these, you have to pay a fine which is almost 10k If I'm right.
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