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Homer I've been thinking about this myself and its a bit of a problem. I have a group of 4 adjoining properties on a cul de sac (trish thats french). I am there for a total of 3 to 3 1/2 hours per week. This averages out to about 50/hr for me but when I compare it to other properties I mow it doesn't keep up. I.E. commercial office @70/hr. I don't charge a per hour rate but I use this as an internal comparison of properties.<br>I make up for this &quot;low&quot; hourly rate with add-ons like spring cleaning - dethatching - fall leaf clean - fertilizing. All of these add ons take time but when I look at it the hourly rate is much higher. <p>So I guess what I'm rambling about is you have to look at what the property generates for you over the whole season and then see if it is worth your time. I hope that wasn't clear as mud. Good Luck.
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