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Building Paver Patio on Slope - PICS

We recently completed a landscape/hardscape/irrigation/lighting job on a sloped hillside back yard. Part of the project involved a paver patio. But there was about a 2' difference in elevation from the upper part of the paver patio to the lower part.

No problem. We've done plenty of those. We build an SRW at the lower part to raise up the grade to the proper level. Then build the paver patio over the edge of the SRW.

The challenge in this case was that a wall made of formed concrete SRW blocks would not have gone well with the natural / NW / rock feel of the rest of the landscape. So I decided we needed to build a veneer of rock to hide the SRW. Now, it looks as if the rock wall is what is holding up the patio. You can't even see any evidence of the SRW at all! I thought it was a pretty neat idea and turned out really well. So I thought I'd share it with you all. Maybe it's an idea that will come in handy one day for someone.

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