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Originally Posted by corey4671 View Post
It's also worth noting, I am 15 miles one way from my nearest bank branch. when I'm paid by credit card, it's electronically transfered to my bank account at no charge. My bank does offer the option to deposit checks with my smartphone app. Cost of $.50 per check. Again, that whole paying for convenience. However, if I get a check in the mail, I'd burn up more gas than that taking it to the bank AND to ME, $.50 is more than worth the time I'll spend driving to the bank, going IN the bank, filling out the deposit slip and waiting in line behind granny who just came in to check her balance.
My situation is similar, I am about 12 miles from my bank. They offered a free check scanner and I pay a flat one dollar a day fee. When I get home I have until 7:00 PM to scan the checks that have come in to get them deposited into the business account for the day. No more racing around to get deposits made.

Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
Same here. I seriously doubt the bank employees even pay any attention.
I have never had a problem making a deposit at the bank with the wrong name on the check but they did call me about a check that was made out to me personally and not the corp. that I ran through the scanner. They deposited it but said it needed to be made out correctly to the corp.
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