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I really wouldn't get a rider in that size range usually the tires are narrow and they rut pretty bad. I don't know what size lots you have in Martin County here where I'm at in Lee most of our lots are less than 10 k of turf. What works really well for most of us here is a combo of either stander/walk-behind and zero turn. 32" and a 48" or a 36" and a 52".

We have 36" WB and 2 zero turns a 50" and a 52". Only use the WB on gated lawns and areas that get supper soggy. I did use it for almost a year exclusively and cut an average of 10 lawns a day with it with a velky.

If I could only have one mower it would be a 36" Stander. Those would be out of your price range.

I recommend you find a decent Hydro walk-behind with a sulky.

I can't recommend buying a residential unit not with all the good deals on commercial equipment out there.
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