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Originally Posted by Greg78 View Post
Same here but I was required to wear hearing protection and couldn't hear any of those things you listed either.

I've had supers come up behind my while I'm running wood through a table saw or planer and had them grab my shoulder because they were shouting at me and I couldn't hear them. They couldn't understand while I told them to never touch someone while they are operating equipment. They couldn't understand that that table saw or planer couldn't tell the difference between my hand and the wood.
I've tried a lot of different hearing protection over the years and I don't recall any of them preventing me from hearing horns or backup alarms etc.

They do mute it but you can still hear it. Btw I have some hearing loss because of being young and dumb and not wearing hearing protection and the small companies I worked for not mandating the use of hearing protection...and that was a long time ago when construction was like the wild west.

Things have come a long way since then and as I got older and worked for larger more professional companies that changed.

I think back on some of the things I did and situations I put my self in and its a wonder I'm still here.

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