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Originally Posted by zturncutter View Post
My situation is similar, I am about 12 miles from my bank. They offered a free check scanner and I pay a flat one dollar a day fee. When I get home I have until 7:00 PM to scan the checks that have come in to get them deposited into the business account for the day. No more racing around to get deposits made.
we got that system a few weeks ago. Isn't that awesome?! We can make deposits until 8:00 p.m. and money goes in right away. That's such a slick system. We get so many checks every day I was always trying to race home before the bank closed every day or two so I could get all the checks in the bank. Now my office manager just makes deposits whenever checks arrive in the office. Takes 1-2 minutes and we don't have to go anywhere. So freakin cool!
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