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Oh my...
Consider for 1 second that there are people that don't live in your geographical area. There are 250000 people in this city. 99% of residential properties require the use of a 21" mower only (or a 30" now). Almost all of our lots are 50x100.
When I come to a property of 75 condo units every yard is small and broken up. Again, I own a 48" Lesco Hydro WB, a 36" Walker WB, a 48" Walker MTGHS, Plus more....
And yet the 30" Toro is still my tool of choice. Yes I can stick the walker MTGHS to save small amounts of time.
But remember....we MUST bag our grass! And yes I have an accelerator catcher for my 36" walker, still, my toll of choice is the 30" Toro's.

If I can get a whole summer trouble free without changing oil...I will. If I don't sharpen my blades, and they still cut well...I won't. If I can buy new mowers every year....I will!
some of these and some of those.
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