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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post

I'm sorry. But no matter what party you're from, if you're not effective, you need to go. He hasn't been very effective at even meeting his own expectations and certainly not the rest of our expecations. It's time for a change - AGAIN. And we need to keep changing them out of office - every last one of them - until they start to get the message. The last two presidents and the Legislature (except for the last 18 months) have been spending like drunken sailors just arriving back at port driving us off a financial cliff. Until these guys start taking our money seriously, we gotta send them the message that we won't stand for it and they won't get re-elected. I'm telling you - whatever party you are affiliated with - don't let your politicians continue to do this crap. It's our money! Force them to make sound decisions or force them out! And let's keep doing that until we get a bunch of them who get this message!

VERY well said!
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