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If you add more clients, your income goes up. This is the income that will pay for the employees. You need to figure out what you need to make to live comfortably and not take all of the profit. It may be a big paycut if you are taking all of the profit right now.

If you are a sole proprietor let the company pay for as many comapny related expenses as you can, this way you will have less out of pocket expenses, for example( cell phone, vehicle insurance, health insurance, fuel for your vehicle(s), loan payment for the vehicle(s)) etc.

Finding good workers will always be an issue, it is an issue everywhere. i always start and the unemployment office. You will always find people looking for work, quickly and will be willing to make some sacrifices to earn a decent wage. What ever you do , don't pay overtime, you will see your profit go down the drain, work no more than 40 hours per week. You may not have enough work for one peson for 40 hours, but some type of a paycheck to an unemployed person is better than nothing. Also putting someone on payroll (taxes, Social Security and medicare fees can be an expensive venture). I have people hired as 1099 laborers until i could afford it. It took me a year and half before I could afford payroll taxes. Pay them a base hourly wage with a weekly check (no taxes taken out) and issue them a 1099 form each year thru your accountant or CPA until you can afford to deal with the payroll taxes. Typical payrate for laborers is $8-9 dollars per hour. If they are worth more then let them earn it.
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