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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
That looks great. A couple questions you had to lengthen the wheel base right? Blower cage can you get them out from both sides ? And the trimmers why so high or do you get them off from truck bed?
Yes, the rear end had had to be pushed back several feet because of the additional length we added, in the end the tail came out being too long. And although we have seen similar trucks with tails as longs as ours on the road, we just thought it be too dangerous to drive it that way. Especially when making turns. Pushing the rear end back was a huge task. And working with a custom air bag suspension for the first time also didn't make it easier. But in the end it worked out awesome. The drive line also was extended by adding to it. The blower cages unfortunately can be accessed from one side only. And the trimmer racks do seem a little high, but it is manageable to access them from the outside. Over all building this truck was a great experience. Everybody who seed the truck for the first time looks sort of amazed or their not sure what they are looking at until they take a couple of more looks at it. The benefits of it, we are getting to our jobsites a lot faster. Don't have to worry about a trailer.
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