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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Does anybody know if it's a problem for the bank if a customer gets your company name wrong on a check? They will often write it to lawn service instead of lawn care or something but this one is totally f'd up. I know that for personal checks you're supposed to sign it as it is on the check incorrectly and then sign under it correctly. One of my customers must have been writing a batch of checks and off in La-La Land. They wrote it out to Gesner Oil Company. Last I knew I don't own an oil company, and if I did I don't think I'd be mowing lawns, lol. Also sometimes they're write it out to me personally but I deposit it in the business account anyway. Anyone know the protocol on this? It might vary bank-to-bank. I'm with Bank of America.
doesn't matter as long as its close, in this case i would still try to just deposit it, i'm sure the banks won't care as long as there is no gesner oil company to try to claim this check it should be fine, i have customers write them out to me personally, my business, then sometimes they substitute maintenance for management, sometimes they put down only rsk, sometimes some of them write rks landscaping. the bank never gives me any trouble then again i'm in 3 of my banks branches twice a week when i'm busy and the banks i go to are close to me and i pass by two or three of them on a daily basis. i use first niagra.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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