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Walker tearing up turf!!

So I bought a Walker GHS this year and have noticed over the season that my walker is tearing up the turf when making 180 degree turns. I have tried numerous ways of manuevering the mower to try and stop the problem but it is still tearing up lawns. I have tried 3 point turns along with the way the dealer told me how to turn it when I demoed one last year. It seems no matter what speed I go at it it will still tear. I was wondering maybe if I lower the tire pressure it might help or if it was just the low profile tires that was causing this. It does not do this on all lawns so I'm also wondering if it the lawns that are causing the issue. Most of the time its on lawns that are moist from sprinklers or lawns that are thin. If anyone has some help that might solve my problem I'd appreciate it. I love everything about this mower just having this one issue with it.
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