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Start off with the best you can afford. You need a hedger, and blower and maybe a edger for now. One thing I learned about this business and I learned it the hard way (by being cheap) is not to bring a sling shot to a gun fight. You already have a good trimmer look into the stihl kombi setups or even cheaper but still good the echo pas setup. I strongly encourage not to get anything less than an echo but stihl will be the best. Stay away from troybilt, homelite, black and decker. They wont hold up for too long. You can also look on craigslist for a used trailer or anything you need.
5 x 8 to 5 x 10 open trailers are good for now. There is a lot to learn but having the right equipment will make things easier and quicker for you as you go along. There are people out there with worse stuff than you and getting by so if all you have is the toro mower keep it up well until you have enough money to upgrade. Don't bite more than you can chew and learn to do your own repairs and maintenance and do it regularly. If you are serious about this write a business plan as to were you want this to go and make short term goals and then long term goals.
To get clients the best way is to learn how to advertise online. I do that and get 2 to 5 phones calls a week. Learn about SEO's. Google "SEO".
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