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Originally Posted by instyle View Post
As stated in my spring time post, these 4 Toro's were an experament with. I wanted to see if they would hold up to commercial use....and after everyone said "it will not work, it is terrible idea". I have proved it will work.
$4000 in cost for new mowers every year, coupled with 0 maintenance, and little chance of breakdowns (cuz they are new), this works for me.
I could spend $2500 x 4 = $10000 for 4 commercial models next year, and maintain them... but after 2.5 years ($ per $) and 1500 hours I will start having breakdowns....breakdowns cost money (time).

I am finding comedy with this post. Everyone has a better idea, everyone would do things differantly. Yet in spring...everyone said "your plan on 4 - 30" ers is stupid". And here I am defending my proof??? lol.
I think its funny how all these guys criticize anyone who finds a new way of cutting grass successfully. Many try to act like they are so much smarter, or wiser because they only buy commercial. I too only buy commercial ZTR's, but like you walk behind mowers are throw away I won't waste time buying commercial walk behinds as long as I have other options that work just as well
for me. I just checked my blades after a summer of use only 1 very small knick , dang those are good blades. Now the Timemaster will last me 6 yrs at 100 hrs per yr. I'm fine with that. The commercial exmark would last longer but if I'm going to spend money for commercial equipment I will use it to buy a new ztr. Now before everyone gets excited I realize if you are cutting extremely tall grass you will need something other than the timemaster. Thats fine , but really I have not heard how well the new 30" Exmark cuts
in those conditions , so it will be interesting to compare, exmark should blow away the toro TM but will it?

But saying that I don't criticize those that choose to buy commercial WB. I just wish everyone would not act like they do when someone does it different than them. Remember there always more than 1 way to skin a cat!

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