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You better know your stuff because customers with horror stories of folks who came out and charged good money with great promises who in the end turned out to be totally incapable of getting rid of the moles for good are at least as abundant as these miracle cures, just as well off start doing your research because if you promise a customer to do something and you are long gone with their money by the time they realize the result was nil, I can promise you that will put you out of business faster than that rodenator gets rid of the first pest.

Clue you in, they're not that easy to get rid of.
We're talking folks who have spent anywhere from $60 to $600 and the moles are still in their yard,
these folks are no longer dealing kindly with anyone but known and licensed practitioners.

Then guys like me will do it for a whole lot cheaper than money anyone's thinking of making.
Tell you what, Harbor Freight's got this little solar mole chaser for like $10 that seems to work as well as anything else I've tried.

Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
I tell my mole eaten customers to get some Talprid mole bait. I'm not licensed for vertibrate pest control so I can't do it for them.
I had a large mole colony in my own back yard. My wife bought some off brand mole bait. With one worm she wiped out the entire colony.
You may want to consider getting licensed for vertibrate pest control.
Here now I like the way this guy's talking, it's a story to get anything done but at least it looks like someone knows a thing or two and once again that is always the first step, find out what all is involved.

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