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Thanks for the compliment....But I can't take credit. To maintain my pesticide license I have to take refresher courses in my field. I had an extra hour so I sat in on verteribrate pest control because I had moles in my yard.
These classes are given by professors of agriculture from Ohio State University, one of the finest horticultural research facilities in the nation.
What I took away from the class was thet mole chasers are worthless, trapping is ineffective, controlling moles by eleminating grubs does not work. What does work is mole bait, IF you follow directions on the box.

Like I mentioned, I'm not licensed in that category. If I'm caught working in an unlicensed category I'd face fines, possible jail and loss of license. I won't even kill moles in my OWN yard. Had my wife do it. We had moles so bad there were sections where the ground would cave in under your feet. Deep burrows, not just surface feeding tunnels. With one application she wiped them out. With the leftover bait she killed the moles in the neighbors yard. $16 at Lowe's total cost.
I'm just trying to give Metro a heads up. There are better cheaper ways to control moles. Go to Lowe's and look for mole bait. Maybe they don't sell it in your state. If they do you may have to stick to trapping skunks etc.
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