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results for slit seeding vs core aeration/overseed

I'm in North Carolina. From June-August our temps are in the 90's-100's and many times it is dry. So fescue isn't the best choice, but that is something that many people only know. While they have shade the heat and humidity take care of most lawns.

I've finished all my seeding and many have been cut the first time. I'm never really pleased with the results, but many of my customers don't water properly or even have irrigation. Lawns look great from the road, but once on them you see thin spots. So, I'm looking for some info or recommendations on what steps to take to do things better.

CORE AERATION - this is my normal process and many people only know this method. I apply starter(lime was done earlier), aerate with a rental walkbehind clausen aerator or my Lawn solutions ride on, we then apply seed at a rate of 6 lbs per 1000. The results are decent, but some areas are plugged looking and in bare spots it may not germinate. As the blades grow and thicken it begins to look ok, but not sod quality. My thoughts are next year to apply more seed. since germination is only 85% at 6lb only 5lbs will germinate? Maybe double pass aeration?

SLIT SEEDING - I've never seen anyone in my area use this method. Think my rental company has a turfco 20 model?? What is the labor of running this machine compared to normal aeration? What prices are you getting 20 + seed cost per 1000? Double your aeration rate? I've read some guys do double pass at 1/2 rate of seed each time or some broadcast some seed and then do a single pass.

So i'm trying to give my customers options and wonder what your experiences are. would you say slit seeding will provide better results? slit seeding is 50% more effective than the core aeration method? Could you use 5 lbs of seed slit seeding vs. 7 lbs core aeration and get the same result?

I'm hoping that if I can create a thicker turf it will last much longer through the heat.
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