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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
I'll use Google or Mapquest to look at a property before I go to the location itself, mostly just to get in my head where it is located, but I can't imagine making a quote based on that information only. I try to avoid giving any kind of price when contacted via the phone, but, depending on the information I receive, I may give some kind of price range if the caller keeps pressing. Mostly, I just tell them I will have to see the property before giving a quote.

I have yards similar in size that take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes to service, so I don't see how anyone can price correctly from aerial maps.
I mostly do it when pressed but I don't care about price shoppers that much anyway so I will just to get them off the phone and not waste my time. I would dare say I am near 100% of getting the people that I go visit and next to nothing on those phone quotes.

I am close to 50% on my commercial "bids" too
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