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Propagation by seeding

There will be many different opinions on this, most of us have methodology that has worked well for us in the past. For the last 27 years of my lawncare career I have seen " seeding " services morph from one extreme to the Next.

Aeration is more of a maintenance service not really designed for lawn establishment, it relieves compaction, introduces oxygen into the root zone which increases microbe activity to help decompose thatch as well as promote lateral propagation of rhizomes and other perennial parts, it is primarily designed for established turf stands that are in need of the above maintenance, with that said Axes quote in my opinion is 100% right. How did it become a service considered for uniform establishment of a turf stand??...

The answer / marketing by big companies that sold the service on that very premise and distorted the Agronomic principles of beneficial services.

Slit seeding is a very effective method for establishing a lawn uniformly and depending on the density and native monocots already existing on the site can be utilized one, two or multiple ways, this method makes good seed to soil contact and slightly covers the seed pod and allows for proper hydrolysis to take place.

The key to proper slit seeding ( find a really good piece of equipment ) / the only really good hand held models in my opinion are :

Toro hydrostatic
Lawn solutions hydrostatic

I prefer a land pride 38" PTO driven seeder behind a tractor for most of the open work, then utilize the smaller ones for the trim and clean up.

Success cultivating depends on timing, proper seed selection, equipment, and knowledge in which method suits which situation as well as weather monitoring.

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