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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
I was in a day-long class put on by Kichler just a few days ago. They specifically said that this fixture is specifically NOT to be used in a body of water that is being treated with chlorine, bromine, etc.
I've found out that's a recent development because of this issue coming up in other places. It's odd that a stainless steel fixture would have this kind of reaction. I'm waiting to hear back from Kichler what kind of stainless, and how are they treating it. Bums me out that I may have to change them, as I like the light output and the fixture size. Did the total clean out of the feature yesterday, CLR, scrubbing, 3 fill and rinses, the whole nine yards. Refilled it at the end of the day and put in an algaecide. We'll see how it does.
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