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Originally Posted by martyman View Post
When I first started 15 years ago I worked for large lawn cutting companies and built up a clientele. I started out with home owner equipment and over the years you just learn how to deal with customers and if you're a professional as I am, fix all your own machines and vehicles. Over the years I've seen very many very unprofessional companies and they do not last long, its not hard to pick them out. Having a large company with broken down equipment, employees that make a mess is not professional. Customers that treat you will little or no respect by not paying promptly or not picking up dog crap means they are lazy and do not respect you and should be dumped. Being professional means that you run a business that you take pride in and make money, a few rude or ignorant people that you run into most likely have problems that have nothing to do with you.
I wish you could explain to me how not picking up dog crap affects your mowing. What does dog crap do to a mower, I have a 50' x 50' fenced in area that my dogs use for exercise and crapping, I mow this area every five days with one of my two Hustler Super Z mowers of which one is brand new (22 hrs.). I mowed this area yesterday, and have been mowing it for 10 years, with nothing I can see that causes a problem to me or the mower.

I would like to hear (just for my curiosity) what you feel dog crap does to a mower, and yes, I keep my equipment very clean. What gives me a problem is the 100+ geese that stays on my 4 ac lake that is only 150' behind my house. I mow extremely fast around the lake, full speed with a Super Z is mowing around 13.5 mph, and this is how fast I start out, that is until goose crap flies up and hits me, which sometimes may be in the face.
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