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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
I have a Landpride 15ft pulled with a 4600 ford
ground speed 5-7 mph would cut 5-7 acres per hour but you had to mow every 5-7 days to get a clean cut with no grass build up
But each week we had service it and that took 2 hrs
Bad thing with one you had take a ztr to go around each tree or item to mow close
Once I got my first 72'' I stop using the batwing he lawn look better and nicer stripes One 72'' and a 60'' would out mow the batwing

Im selling my batwing just sits now
My plan is for my 2 man crew to come out and do the edging as you mentioned with the ZTR's, split and do 2 more properties that way and then I catch up with mowing on my tractor. I could knock out a $700 property, a $550 property, and a little $160 property in one day (less than 2 miles apart) doing this while they would also hit the residentials. That's some serious money for one day. And all without touching a weedeater lol...that's a plus.

BTW: these are all weekly mows too.
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