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They call me Billy Bad @*$!!!

I woke up at 3 am to a familiar sound. It was the clanking of the clutch of my permagreen. I ran outside in my boxer briefs to find someone cruising down the road with it at a full speed of 3.5 mph. haha... I chased the dude down, tackling him off the PG. He got up and wanted to fight me, I knocked him out in 2 punches. I then dragged him back to my property as he was waking up. I stood over the guy as I called the police and let him up when they got there. He freaking tried to run..haha.. I got to see him get tased, it was awesome!!! What a moron! He was not stealthy at all. Thats the last time I leave the PG on the rack at the end of the night.
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