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Sorry, I have not read all the posts, so if I repeat something, please forgive me.

People always want to feel they are superior to the people doing work for them, especially those doing manual labor. They look down on plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, gardeners, landscapers, roofers, auto mechanics, etc. Which cracks me up, because in most cases, all these people make as much or more than the people they are doing work for. But I too was caught off guard, and may be it's because I am in an unique area, being in the suburbs of Detroit. Because most of my customers who own these big fancy Lake Front homes, are auto workers. At first, I thought they were engineers, or managers, but I'm learning most are line workers. Who when the auto industry was rocking, and they were working 12-hours a day, 7-days a week saved their money and bought these beautiful homes. So here is a line worker living in the same neighborhood as doctors, lawyers, judges, and the VPs of their corporations.

We all have a tendency to feel we are superior. What do you think about the person making your hamburger or delivering your pizza? Well today, you may be shocked to learn they were white collar executive. Imagine my shock, when one night my pizza was delivered by one of my ex-colleagues (he was Corporate Director of Finance), and I felt bad for him because he felt embarrassed. I know for myself, I used to think erotic dancers were all drugs addicts or bimbos until I start cutting their lawns for their $1,000,000 house. Yep, one of my customers is a dancer at a local stripe club. So you might look down on her (well... you probably wish...) but she makes enough money to live a beautiful home and drive a BMW 7-Series.

My point, I wouldn't care if someone wants to look down on you, care more about who you are looking down on - chance are, you're wrong!
Peace Out...
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