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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
I believe once again you are sadly mistaken about the potentical of Bifen XTS to burn Plants. Bifen XTS is what real Professional Pesticide applicator call 4th generation chemistry. Talstar or Cross check has an AI of 7.9% of Bifenthrin. Talstar's rate for ants or chinch bugs is applied at a High rate of 44 oz per acre or a low rate 22 oz per acre at low rate. Bifen XTS has a AI of Bifenthrin of 25.1% or a High rate of 6 oz per acre or 3 oz per acre low rate for ants and Chinch Bugs.

Now even if you only applied Half a Gallon of carrier or 22 gallons per acre. There is no way 6 oz per acre of a Oil based (esters) Bifen XTS is going to burn plants. High rate on Shrubs is 0.128 oz per gallon or a 1 % solution which once again is not going to burn.

My cost per quart of Bifen XTS purchased by the case is $ 25.00 a quart. A quart of BIFEN XTS at low rate will Control 10 acres of Fire ants.

The only disadvantage to Bifen XTS is it is not labeled for inside structural Pest Control. Talstar & Cross Check are labeled for inside applications.

Xylene is well known for its potential to damage(burn) if not properly applied... so I'm not, dead wrong!
Yes xts is lower but when xylene is involved the potential exist.

IMO...If you believe you can sucessfuly deliver evenly, 3oz let alone 6oz of xts to an ACRE of turf area and accomplish successful, even molecule distribution and guarantee complete coverage. I believe you have a superiority complex.

Or can you not help being a JACKASS at times.
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