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Diamond blade preference?

Do you have a certain diamond blade that you feel cuts faster or lasts longer?

I have been using Husqvarna 3 diamond baldes on my Partner saw and have been pretty happy with them for dry cutting pavers. The last blade lasted about 350' and cut good the whole time (much better than Husqvarna's 2 diamond blade).

The other day I went out on a limb and tried a MK blade that was simply labeled "general use" and "long lasting". I cut about 200 lineal feet with it (Mega Arbel, which is thicker than standard) and it looks like it could go another 200'.

I have never bought one of the really expensive blades. I paid about $85 for the MK blade which I thought was cheap. The 3 diamond Husqvarna blades were something like $95 each. So it seems like the MK blade is the better deal of the 2.

What blade do you prefer and why... How many lineal feet? How fast does it cut?
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