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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
Xylene is well known for its potential to damage(burn) if not properly applied... so I'm not, dead wrong!
Yes xts is lower but when xylene is involved the potential exist.

IMO...If you believe you can sucessfuly deliver evenly, 3oz let alone 6oz of xts to an ACRE of turf area and accomplish successful, even molecule distribution and guarantee complete coverage. I believe you have a superiority complex.

Or can you not help being a JACKASS at times.
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Not only do I have a Degree in Soil and Plant Science from the U of F, I taught Materials Calculation at a Florida State run College. I have the credentials that say I know what I am talking about.

I sorry but you Really don't have a clue do you. For years Farmer have use burnt motor oil as surfactant without burning crops because of the low Percentage of oil in the solution. While xylene is a Hydrocarbon, it isn't used in 4th generation chemistry like it was in former formulas. But to better explain what a ESTER FORMULATION is please Follow this Link.

Most Certified pesticide applicators READ, UNDERSTAND and FOLLOW THE LABEL. Since I am a Professional I do just that. I could care less what your opinion is since your above statement shows you don't read or believe the Bifen XTS label.



it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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