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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Yup. Sometimes I'm surprised at what my travel times are between places that I consider close too.

I was used to keeping a detailed log in my former career so it's second nature to me to record my day in detail, and it's quite usefull on the rare occasion that a customer claims I didn't service their account on a date I invoiced them for, claiming they were home all day and I wasn't there. "In fact Mrs. Jones, I arrived at 10:32 am and mowed your lawn at 3.0 inches with my Turf Tracer HP mower, finished mowing and began trimming at 11:04, started blowing he pavement at 11:13 and departed at 11:18. I collected an armload of sticks and disposed of them at no charge and pulled some weeds from the flower garden on the left side of your front door, also at no charge. Would you like me to fax you a copy of my log book?" Does the trick every time.
Im not that detailed in my log, but like you, have a habit of covering my ass (and basically for future data review) when/if customers question something.

I basically wanted to know more for I carried alot of those details over to my lawn logs as well. (Weather, mow height, abnormalities about this day than the norm, etc etc).

As far as price, i stuck with the $5 round off because of clique. But I agree, to some price conscious customers, $31 and $35 price could land you the job. In the grand scheme of things that $120 at the end of the season of $$ lost, may be referred to 3 of the family members and make up that difference on them or same logic applies.
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