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Hey I'd be lying if I said the time master isn't a tempting purchase to someone who would put around 350-400 hours a summer on thier walk behind. Especially after the OP banged out 600 hrs 4 out of 4 times with no maintenance and they all still run fine. Maybe it's my position....I plan on starting up a business this spring. I have a 52"stander but need a WB for residentials due to most properties here are also avg 50x100. Currently I work for a company with ferris hydro cuts. Great machines, total work horse but at 3.5 times the price for 2 extra inches coupled with not wanting to have a huge over head before landing any contracts. Time master might be the answer for my 1st walk behind. By the time it dies, it should make me enough to replace it with a hydro cut.
Thank you OP for starting this thread.
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